What is the correct way to use Circlip Pliers?

If you need to fit circlips then you cannot do this successfully without a pair of circlip pliers. There are many different styles and shapes available when it comes to circlip pliersincluding both straight and bent versions in a variety of sizes. An essential piece of any tool kit, the elongated points at the ends of the pliers slot into the holes of the circlips to ensure that you are in complete control of the circlip during fitting. Trying to fix these in place with any other kind long nosed pliers will be time consuming, frustrating and more than likely unsuccessful.

Finding a reputable electrician is not as difficult as you might think

If you are homeowner there will be times when you have to find professionals to come in and fix those things that are outside of the remit of the average DIY-er. Roofing and plumbing are just two and probably the biggest one is an electrician. No amateur should ever mess with electrics without exception. Electricity is dangerous and something that is not wired properly, or earthed, it can cause a fire.