Understanding the Need for Warehouse Temperature Monitoring

Warehouses are commercial storage facilities for various types of products and commodities. There is always a phase of time when the produce is out of the factory or industrial complex and yet to reach the market or the store shelves. This is a time when they are stored safely before dispatch to dealers and retailers. Due to the presence of different categories of products in the same premise, warehouse temperature monitoring becomes an important requirement. It is imperative that proper conditions of storage are ensured for all commodities. In some cases, the temperature requirements for safe storage will vary as well.

Take Your Pick of O-Rings Kits

An O-ring is a gasket that is designed to be mechanical in nature using a loop of elastomer-shaped material in a round design. The o-ring is intended to provide a seal between two or three separate sections where it is fitted between said sections, compresses and provides an air tight seal.
O-rings are typically fitted during assembly rather than after a product has been completed. They may on occasion be fitted after the finished product has been completed, but in most cases this is done during maintenance to replace a tired o-ring rather than as a fundamental change in sealing methodology.
Machine design is replete with the use of o-rings because they are a simple sealing mechanism often using inexpensive materials, easy to fit, tending to be reliable over reasonable periods of time and capable of handling many thousands of psi of pressure.