Why Investing In Server Room Monitoring Devices Is Of Considerable Significance

The server room is the heart of IT. Proper temperature and adequate cooling in the server room prevents hardware malfunction and system failure. Without server room monitoring, the longevity and the reliability of the machines are compromised and devastating outcome may happen like – crashing of the system, random reboots and poor performance of the IT etc. Server room monitoring can help in saving the expensive equipment damage and service downtime. Hence investing in a gadget that would help in monitoring the temperature of the server room is one of the most essential investments that a company needs to make in order to save the valuable IT infrastructure. There are many cases where the need of server room monitoring has been overlooked, misjudged and even tremendously underestimated. There are companies where the IT department and its managers have a tight budget and they think that compromising with server room monitoring systems would help them save a lot of money until the inevitable happens or in other words, the system crashes. The significance of environmental monitoring of the server room cannot be ignored and investing in server room monitoring systems provides the much-required peace of mind that the concerned person would be automatically alerted as and when the temperature rises too high. 
Some of the available alert methods of server room monitoring systems are:
  • Email
  • SMS & Phone calls
  • SNMP Traps
  • Fax
  • Switch on/off
  • Start Up/ Shut down of remote server
  • Pictures and data through FTP
  • Scripting

  • Many IT professionals are of the opinion that the service of air conditioning units in the server room is enough for temperature control and they fail to acknowledge the significance of server room monitoring systems. However, server room monitoring and temperature control can be achieved through affordable methods and investing in these systems is worthwhile. The server room monitoring device is usually a small box that monitors and provides alarm as and when required. The server room monitoring device should report the actual temperature at all times instead of reporting temperature levels when the temperature increases or decreases beyond the preset level. Many temperature-monitoring devices provide the option to set temperature in multiple upper and lower limits as well. A major server room would benefit from full environment mapping devices, which would record and identify the hotspots of the server room. 
    Rise of temperature would always affect the computer equipment in a professional organization. While a single computer system or a home computer can be cooled off by an air conditioner or fan, it may not be the case with the server room. Since modern machines run faster, they tend to get hotter quickly and hot spots that may build up behind the equipment racks, or adjacent to larger machines can affect the server room. If not addressed properly, these hotspots can lead to severe damage or even accidents in the server room. The server room also gets affected by humidity levels since higher humidity is responsible for causing deterioration and rust in the server room equipment. Another key factor that cause damage to the server room and increase heat inside is the inadequate airflow. All these factors can lead to premature failures. Hence investing in server room monitoring devices can save a lot of money of the organization by reporting and alerting the concerned person on the increase or decrease of temperature so that the problem can be addressed as soon as feasible.

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